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Our motor is designed to handle the high torque of the new power sections and even contour stators that are being designed and are already in production. The entire lower end is designed as a single unit to handle the strains of high torque.

  1. Lower End (Bearing Assembly)
    1. The bearing assembly is mud lubricated.
    2. The bearing assembly was designed with the transmission to ensure it could handle the torque transfer.
  2. Lower End (Transmission)
    1. The transmission design is a full contact assembly. It utilizes a ball slide to transfer torsional load from the ball to a larger curved surface, thus decreasing the load per square inch.
  3. Transmission Housing (Fixed or Adjustable)
    1. We have both fixed and adjustable housings. Our typical range is 0.0° - 3.0° .
  4. Power Section
    1. We are set up to provide all of the major power section companies products. We do this so our customers can get the preferred rubber they need for the job.
    2. Our rotors are typically carbide coated. Our policy is no charge for coating damage caused by chemical degradation.
    3. We measure the stator minor diameter and the rotor seal diameter to determine the fit. We keep track of the hours on the stator to ensure we do not use the rubber beyond the compound capabilities.
    4. Every motor is built specifically for the condition of the job it was ordered for.
  5. Float Bored, Catch Subs
    1. Our rotor catch is a rod that screws into the top of the rotor and protrudes into the float bored top sub through the pin ID. We utilize a catch ring that is screwed into the pin ID of the float sub for retaining the catch rod. Both catch connections are left handed to combat inertia.
  6. We utilize tool joint connections for our major parts (bearing housing pin to fixed assembly, fixed assembly to stator, stator to float bored/top sub) for their strength and durability. The threads are strong and, flexible, and do not back off easy. This increases the overall strength of the motor.


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